The End

Hey guys i decided too quit club penguin and blogging. Sorry guys and thanks for everythig, i need too be thinking of my future and school. The reason i didnt post was because i quit. I will still be hanging arount in but not too much. Thanks for everything and i hope you enjoyed these cheats and now i need too be thinking of my future. This is going too be my last post and i will still be haning around in xat.

Bye everyone.



Spread The Word

Hey guys Joestax8 posting,

This party is not gonna b a partayyy if we dont have any people coming to it. Anyone that comes onto this site you have to spread the word about this site and about the party we need more people because this has to be the best party of the year. Yes i know Mina716 wont be there but he is supporting me and Marshall6111 to get this party started and it begins by getting as many people as we can coming to it. Mina is right we will be having competetions to see who can be our bodyguards and get there pic on this blog for the best or rarest outfits and we will be there all the whole time so dont stop partying till the night is over.

Waddle On



Hey Penuins Joestax8 Posting,

Its time to get your dancing shoes on because Marshall6111 and I are throwing a partayyy!!!!

Dont forget about it because we want as many penguins as we can get.

Waddle On ,


Mina716: Hi this party is gonna be wild and so much fun, Im not going to be there but i heard they are going to move and play games and even have best cloths or rare cloths competions with prizes like being there body and having your playercard on this blog etc. Any i want you to all have fun but im not going to be there but Joestax8 and Marshall6111 is so HAVE FUN and they are back on this blog 🙂

Mina716 On Holidays

Hey Guys Joestax8 posting,

Mina716 is going on Vaction from tomorrow i am in charge of this site. I hope you guys like what i post even know it probably is not as good as what Mina716 does. I will try and keep you guy as much updated as i can.

Waddle on,


Hi Guys some of you might know me and some of you might not. Its me Joestax8 i might not have been on this site long enough before for you to know me but im back again.

So the new pin is a Chocolate Milkshake and heres how to get it

1. Go to the coffee shop

2. Click on the Chocolate Milkshake pin on the left wall


There is a new free item and its a blue beanie

You can find this at the top of Ski Hill

Sorry about not having any pictures my computer is stuffing up


New Club Penguin Pin Cheat- Padlock Pin!

Hey Guys Matt26187 Posting :D ,

Hello Penguins,

There’s a New Club Penguin Pin its a Padlock here is how to get it!

Step 1. Go to the Coffee Shop

Step 2. Go Upstairs into the Book Room

Step 3. Click The Padlock Pin on the Book Shelf

1 New padlock pin

1 Padlock pin

Congratulations, You Now Have the Latest Club Penguin Pin (The Padlock)

-Matt26187, Club Penguin Hood Agent


My Site is now currently Under Construcion, Under Matience I’ll Be back up soon

1 Site Under Constucion